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We build sustainable digital economies to support high-impact causes.

Science x Art

inTheory Research

A digital platform to fund, track, and learn about scientific research by collecting generative artworks

Collect Art → Fund Science

Leverage the power of art to help shape the future of human scientific innovation.

inTheory... anything is possible.

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Our Focus Areas

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Transparent and open-access scientific research, governed and funded by informed communities.


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Targeted and verifiable contributions towards saving our planet, powered by human networks.


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Non-extractive and incentive-aligned systems with the power to support vital community resources.

Public Goods

About Us

Impact Finance designs sustainable and transparent financial ecosystems to improve human coordination.

The global challenges we face today require a new type of cooperative economy, centered around causes and communities.

That's what we're building.

Design Principles

The systems that we design are guided by 4 core principles:
- Sustainability
- Social Integrity

- Broad Accessibility

- Community Ownership

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